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Explore More Registration

Explore More Registration for 2024-2025
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  • Explore More is an optional exploratory class for students in K-3rd grade who are in school only a half day. The program is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and/or Thursdays. The program runs from 12:15 to 2:45 pm on these days that school is in session. This program is meant to be a practical support for parents who need it and also an opportunity for students to dig more deeply into Charlotte Mason activities such as Artist Studies, Composer Studies, Gardening, and Nature Studies.  The students also eat lunch, play outside (weather permitting) and spend time reading and listening to classic literature.

    Tuition for this program is added to regular monthly tuition costs. Tuition rates are reduced by 15% for all additional students in the same family enrolled in Explore More (not the first or oldest child). Once a student is enrolled, it is assumed the student is enrolled for the entire year. Withdrawal from the program will require the same tuition penalty as for regular tuition. Enrollment changes can be made (with at least a 30 day notice) with no penalty if family circumstances change, openings are available and staffing is sufficient. Class sizes for Explore More classes will maintain at least 1 teacher for every 10-12 students. Classroom assistants will be utilized where needed to maintain the appropriate teacher to student ratio. Priority enrollment is received through Feb 2nd. Enrollment (if openings are still available) closes May 31st.

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