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Serving K-8th~Since 1987  

A Covenant Christian School

Christian parents have been blessed with the privilege and responsibility of raising their children in a Christ-centered home where a biblical understanding of life and the world is taught.  ECCS is a community of parents and educators who have come together to create an atmosphere for children that is an extension of their homes. 

Although we believe evangelism is important Kingdom work, we do not believe the school is the environment in which that should take place.

ECCS is a Covenant Christian School.

  • All parents of applicants must be members in good standing of an evangelical, Protestant church and engaged in an active walk of faith. 
  • We are an extension of your home.
  • We seek to hire Godly educators.
  • We value a high level of parental involvement.
  • We function as the "fourth wall" or support of your home.