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Student Sign-ups

Friday T-Shirt Order Form
  • This order form is per student or adult.  If you have more than one child, you will need to complete a t-shirt order form for each student.

    There are two t-shirt options to choose from:

    1)  Cotton knit fabric shirts with our traditional ECCS logo printed in white.  These shirts are available in navy blue and pink:
    Short Sleeve Shirts are $14.00 each.
    Long Sleeve Shirts are $17.00 each.
    2)  Short sleeve performance shirts with the new Warriors logo.  These shirts are available in red and gray: 
    Short Sleeve Performance Shirts are $21.00 each.   
    Additional charges for all t-shirt types:
    Add $5.00 upcharge for XS shirts.
    Add $2 upcharge for 2XL and 3XL shirt.
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  • This order is for:

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  • The T-shirt order will be delivered to the oldest student at ECCS or to the Staff Member.

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  • T-Shirt Quantity by Color:

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  • Your total cost for your order will be included on the invoice email sent by FACTS.

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