Our Philosophy

The goal of ECCS is to assist parents in the church and community in carrying out their responsibility to educate, nurture, and equip covenant children so that they become responsible disciples of Christ. Students are challenged to think deeply and develop a distinctly Christian world and life view. ECCS desires all students to reach their God-given potential in order to be valuable servants in Christ's kingdom, thus emphasis is placed on both godly character and academics.

We believe young children need to spend most of their time at home in order to internalize family values, to learn by working, experimenting and observing and to spend time outdoors. At ECCS, children in kindergarten, first, and second grades attend school for a half day, while children in third grade have three half days a week and two full days. Grades four through eight attend full day classes (8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.).