Our Classroom

Class Size: We believe that God gives different gifts and even the same gifts in different measure. Since every child is different, individual attention should be given to each student based on spirituality, maturity and intellectual capacity. Classroom size is small, with classes in the lower grades ranging from 8-12 students, with no more than 16 per class placed in upper grades.

Parental Involvement: Parents of children in grades 1 and 2 participate in their children's education by teaching the class approximately 4-6 times a year. Parents of children in other grade levels assist in classroom projects and chaperone field trips. Parental involvement allows children to see Christian parenting modeled before them. Parents become well acquainted with all students, widening the opportunity for relationships to develop and grow.

Teacher Qualifications: Most of our teachers have been certified by the state of Georgia or are in the process of completing certification. Many hold master's degrees. We believe that the teacher represents parental authority at school and should direct the students to submit to the truth and love of Christ. The teacher is a role model and should demonstrate the lordship of Christ in every area of life. Teachers must genuinely love children and seek to continually grow in ability to teach creatively.